Evolution, transformation, changing: these are the principles that characterize the living of the future. Technology has not only create a world without borders, but has also led to the development of a new generation of people who have absorbed the concept of liquidity within their own lifestyle.

The possibility of easily changing the own residence, work and affections has resulted in the search of flexible and changing homes over time, completely customizable not only in aesthetics and technological equipment, but also in the spatial configuration.

This represents Genesi. A new, intelligent, modular and sustainable housing solution; a space that can be reconfigured according to the specific needs of the moment; a secure and autonomous architecture that lives in total balance with the ecosystem that surrounds it. A unique project inaugurating a new era of living, free from any kind of constraint.

Genesi borns from the qualified and certified experience of Maggiò Engineering & Construction, a company from Musile di Piave (VE) specialized in the design and engineering of valuable architectures. Thanks to the technological know-how, the experience gained, the in-depth knowledge of the construction systems and the expertise in the processing of steel and aluminum, the company engineers the most daring architectural visions to give shape to works of aesthetic and technological excellence.

Genesi is creative freedom, innovation, a new way of inhabit the world. It is a flexible and changeable space, inspired by the needs of the new urban nomads generations; no geographical constraints, no time limits, no unbreakable bonds.

Matteo Maggiò
La Maggiò Engineering & Construction

Genesi is the synthesis of our experience, of our professionalism, of care and of attention to detail, of continuous desire to experiment and innovate. Genesi combines beauty and technical performance, with the superior aim to bring comfort and quality of living in everyday life.

Costanzo Maggiò
Managing Director
La Maggiò Engineering & Construction